Monday, December 3, 2007


The Golden Compass was the first book I ever read for myself as a child. It was one of the first few books that inspired me creatively to become a Cinematographer and a screenwriter. So as you can imagine I am very excited to see this come out, I'm even going to dress up. Lol, yes I am a dork. I think that if the movies turn out anything like the Amber Spyglass, a very positive and family friendly view of atheism will be presented. The fact that people hate this movie so much is a good thing, more people will go see it now. As an agnostic raised Jewish, my parents nor I ever found this book offensive for one second. The fact that Metatron becomes the true antagonist in this series and not Authority, should be enough to appease the more reasonable 'fanatics' saying this movie poisons the mind of children. This debate reminds me of those parents in the 50's saying that comic books cause juvenile delinquency. What they actually did was inspire a whole generation of children to create the fantastic adventures available to our children today. If your child becomes an atheist because of His Dark Materials, then obviously you haven't been or presented him/her with a very supportive Christian role model. Once bitten twice shy, as it's said. The kinder hand wields the power over the kennel. As I have said before, I go in with high hopes for this movie, I just hope I come out with as much or more as I bring in.

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