Monday, September 29, 2008

The Accumulation of Body Art

As someone who plans to eventually have a lot of tattoos in her lifetime. I'm thinking about getting a random tattoo. I mean everyone should have at least one tattoo on their body that doesn't mean something emotionally deep and personal.
I'm all for having meaning behind my tattoos, and I have a few lined up that I really do want to get done. Both those pieces are going to be big and expensive.

In the meantime, my itch to get ink done is still irritating me. So I want to get a smaller random one in the meantime. I have two ideas:

1. a camera head on a robot body

2. a pretty lemur art piece.

(The body would be in this position, but it would be a ring tailed lemur, maybe like an inverted one though, like black with white stripes).

I'm also accepting suggestions from my friends who draw and paint and so artsy shit. If I like it enough I'll get it tattooed on me. Yay, for random tattooes!

1 comment:

carolinolicious said...

I LOVE the Lemur idea!

If you're gonna have a random tattoo (mine is) it might as well be something pretty and unique.

Go for it girl!

Can't wait to see pictures...