Saturday, February 7, 2009

Video Blog Exp!

The song is called "Bloodstream" by Stateless.


Anonymous said...

I believe there's no such thing as the selfless act. All motivations are to satisfy the self in my opinion. Mind you, I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with that as long as you're not harming anyone along the way.

Let's take mother Teresa as an example, she is someone who most people would consider did a great many selfless acts. I disagree. Ultimately her actions fulfilled her in some way. Now, whether it was personal gratification for a good act, or the joy of being an exemplary member of her religious organization-- we'll never really know. What we do know is she did receive some kind of personal fulfillment otherwise she'd have no motivation to continue... and once you're doing something for yourself then it's no longer a "selfless" act by definition.

So I say just take care of what makes you happy and don't hurt anyone on your way. Oh, and lastly, in response to your question I personally enjoy when you post on both personal and non-personal subject matter. I like the variety. :)

Nandoism™ said...


What a great self-confessional you have created here. And there's a fine balance between motivational factors--whatdowedofor ourselves vs. what we do to be liked by those around us.

Trying to juggle that balancing act is a process--one that many NEVER challenge themselves to perform.

You came across sincere and it was very refreshing to see, hear and feel it.

Continue to grow. Continue to experiment. Continue to question.

Great job--keep up the good work!