Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Vs Bad

I don't have the energy to write about something that requires brain work. I do have enough energy to write a list. Hopefully it'll clue in those who care about what's up.

The Bad:

1. My Mom put my cat down, I've had him since I was 6. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.
2. I can't get a permit to shoot a student documentary in Miami this weekend. So either I shoot everything on private property (which would be mad boring) or I shoot it illegal and forgo any chance of this hitting the festival circuit.
3. I haven't been able to go to sleep before 4am this past week, even though I have to get up super early.
4. The Documentary I'm making is about how my best friend is a porn star, which my mom can't know. Which I must keep a secret from her and have to hide from her when she asks me to see the finished product.
5. My love life is dead, I don't even like anyone or find anyone within a 5 mile radius worth my time.

The Good:
1. Its almost summer. Even though I'll be on set, at least life will be simpler.
2. I'm really happy about the people I'm going to be working with next fall.
3. I have some money for the first time since March.
4. The stuff I'm working on for the most part is really satisfying.
5. I'm feeling super inspired lately.
6. There are no stupid, selfish, anti-commitment guys to deal with right now.
7. My hair is awesome... and blonde! :D
8. My upcoming projects are really promising.

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franky said...

your documentary sounds interesting, can it be found anywhere online?