Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Dear Mothers who tell their sons not to have relationships in college,

Fuck you, you saggy, smug, old cunts. Were you not once young? How dare you sabotage an entire generation of men already commitment phobic from having healthy relationships with girls their own age. Who are you to say when the right time to meet someone is? How dare you scare the male species into being LESS mature. You must be some kind of cold emotionless bitch to reduce a potential daughter-in-law into being your son's 'friend with benefits.' It seems to be the only way to even get a guy to consider spending time with you is to convince him that you don't want a relationship. Its women like you that reduce the majority of the female species into horny, stupid girls who settle with guys that don't deserve them. How about instead of telling your son how and when to date, instill in him some manner of how to treat the female species. Your son probably doesn't see past a big pair of tits and a tight cunt because you don't want him to "get hung up on a girl." You are a traitor to your sex.
You are contributing to the death of love and monogamy.

How the fuck do you sleep at night?
La Vie Whitnae

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