Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things I Have Learned...

1. Every person can and will become misguided (or have a misguided phase) at least once or twice in their lives, especially your close friends. During this period, you should not be dragged down to their level but should remain supportive for so long as until they grow out of it. They will not always admit that they were misguided but most of the time, they will get over it.

2. You will grow apart from some friends, and this is perfectly okay.

3. Some people will never like you.

4. You will always have something to complain about, the trick to being happy, is no matter at what moment, to find something to laugh about instead.

5. Living on you own is an important experience. It should be gotten out of the way as early as possible. Not only does it make parents and children more appreciative of one another, it jump starts a child's maturity level ten fold.

6. Maturity is more valuable than experience.

7. TV is usually not worth the time you spend watching it, in general however, films are!

8. Learn to be happy with your body when you're naked, even if you're overweight. While its important to be healthy, it more important to be confident and satisfied no matter how you look. (That's not to say you shouldn't work out to be healthy, or eat to the point where you aren't healthy. There is a healthy balance and you'd be surprised to find that it is closer than you may expect.)

9. Self maintenance is vital. Spa, massage, get you nails done often.

10. Don't jump into relationships. Wait for the right one to come along. You'll know him because of the wa he smells and how well he fits into the life you already have.

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