Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Check Out the Blog of Larry Lyons

This man has one of the best blogs I've ever read:


He runs a scholarship now for that boy, truly an inspiration to all advocates.

1. What's your zodiac sign? Virgo, earth. Too chill and organic for my own good.
2. Your best personality trait? I'm loyal, relentless, and always striving for self improvement.
3. What's your worst? There’s so much content in my head sometime I can be bad at filtering it.

4. What's your best physical trait? My eyes, my body mods, my boobs
5. What song reminds you of yourself? Vampire by Antsy Pants? Lol I don’t know, this question is inherently flawed anyway there is no positive way to answer it.

6. Name a place anywhere in the world you hope to visit. Japan (Tokyo), I’d like to go back to Jerusalem sometime soon, India, I’d like to go back to Ireland and do some drinking, I’d like to go to everywhere really (expect maybe South America).

7. When are you happiest? When I am around those who think I am irreplaceable… when my efforts directly improve a project in a way which highlights myself as an artist.

8. What makes you unhappy? When I embarrass myself, when I’m alone for too long, when I have to go for long periods of time without being touched,

9. What makes you angry? When people waste opportunity by those who need it. It makes me angry when people have no understanding for mistakes made by others.

10. What word best describes you right now? Unconquerable. : )
11. What color best describes your mood right now? Orange, White and Red.
12. What's your weakness? Red Velvet cake, Sushi, good looking boys, massages, my temper, how easily I trust beautiful/kind faced people.

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