Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vampires, Romance and Mr. Right

Every kid has chooses their own fantastical obsession to delve over as they sit in class and daydream or imagine about as they lay their heads down for the night. For some its princesses or others its zombies or aliens, but no matter the incarnation most of these fantasies soon dissolve within the brains of newly sex driven adolescents… in a way. I was reading a book the other day about vampires when I had a kind of epiphany about how my childhood fantasies about vampires has shaped the way I seek other for intimate relationships. It feels like I have always been accused of not giving the ‘nice’ guy a chance; this observation about my taste in the opposite sex has come from several sources. Male and female, both family and friend agree. As perverse as it sounds (and I mean it not in literal manner, perverts) I think I still have a vampire fantasy.

Case in point, when I realize that I’m attracted to someone nothing will happen unless he shows initiative or tries to socially over power me in a conversation. Nothing is drabber to me than someone who can’t have a decent argument, while flirting with me… or even worse if the argument goes too sour and he turns into an attractive version of John McCain (a hot ultra conservative guy is the biggest waste ever). If the guy I’m talking to agrees too much with me I see him as a pushover rather than my equal. Another requirement is that vampiric charm. I know it’s asking a lot for a guy to have a hot yet controlled argument with me then to find compliments in his opponent, but these are the things I look for in guys. Is really such an obtuse idea to desire someone who is both challenging and romantic? I find that the combination of those two traits (along with a pretty face and perhaps some dark hair) usually invoke a lot of chemistry. It’s enough to get me to bite, so to speak. Unfortunately, those I find these days with vampiric qualities such as I seek usually skimp on the romantic part. This is 2008 after all and not 1888. Relationships to not harbor love anymore only responsibility and limitations. But then I guess I just haven’t really found a vampire yet, because the fantasy, even vampire fantasy (modern day vampire literature seems to portray them with less and less weakness) anything but limiting.

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Wow, I have a lot to learn.