Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Obama: hope and pity

I have found a new reason to respect Barak Obama. For a while he had me, lost there. I suddenly heard horrid things about this man that I had stood fully behind over this past summer. I heard about his tragic second half fiasco on his campaign trip around the world, his sudden announcement of his lack of support for gay rights (which dropped his LGBT score down to 80 percent). Suddenly, hope and shiny light seemed exactly as Hilary had painted it, trite and unrealistic.

But as the election drags on I wonder how much of my opinion of Obama is really accurate, how accurately is the news deciding to cover the man that is Obama rather than the figure of modernity. Really though, who I am I to decide who would be a good president?

Besides AP Government in high school, I have little qualifications. All I can rely on are my gut feelings and the check list of issues to which each candidate holds.

(Which can be found here: )

What I do know is that McCain reminds me of a really sadistic twisted version of Bender from the Breakfast Club. Like what Bender would turn out to be if Claire rejected him like everyone else in his life.

I wish John Edwards had made it, I know he’s like not black and doesn’t have a vagina or anything, but I think he would have been the best choice out of all of them.

Really though, I feel sorry for whoever gets elected president. It’s a job that I would never want to have, a kind of damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of life. There is so much responsibility and so much deception in political life, particularly for the president.

Here’s hoping Obama wins the presidency and gets to keep his soul in the end.

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