Friday, September 12, 2008

Yahoo is smoking CRACK: A critic of Miami Guys

Check this out:

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - If you live in Miami, consider yourself among the most attractive people in the United States.
The Sunshine State's metropolis has the most beautiful people, according to an online survey of "America's Favorite Cities" by Travel + Leisure magazine, while Philadelphia came in last at No. 25.
"I'm not surprised at all, but I'm not in that group" joked Bill Talbert, president of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, about the city's attractive people rating.
"When you're here, you kind of take it for granted. Then you travel, and when you come back you say, 'Oh my, look what we have here,"' he added.
Although Philadelphia placed last for the second consecutive year, a tourism official said the city was happy to be in the top 25.
The online survey of 125,000 people ranked 25 U.S. cities in 45 categories ranging from most affordable to friendliest people.
Las Vegas and New Orleans took the top spots as best city for a wild weekend, and Washington, D.C., was voted tops for historical sites/monuments. But Los Angeles residents may have a problem with being ranked last in the friendliest people and most intelligent people categories.
If you want friendly, you can't do any better than Charleston, South Carolina, and if you're looking for the smartest locals, head to Seattle, Washington, according to the survey.
New York received the most No.1 ratings, getting top marks for shopping, arts, diverse residents and skyline. But the Big Apple limped in last for peace and quiet and affordability.
The poll showed San Antonio, Texas, takes the smallest bite out of your budget and is the most affordable city, while peace and quiet is easiest found in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which also came in last in all nightlife categories.
Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Austin, Texas, took the gold, silver and bronze in the cleanest city competition, while New Orleans had the most work to do in keeping things tidy.
"We were really excited to see how some of the smaller cities took center stage," said Travel + Leisure editor Stirling Kelso.
"Portland again did very well, ranking high in environmental awareness, outdoor life and public transportation."
Kelso said the accessibility of a city, largely through its good public transportation services, will often result in higher survey rankings.
"New York and Washington are very accessible and did well. We were surprised with Los Angeles' low rankings, but perhaps that's because it's not a really accessible city," she added.
Honolulu topped the field in best for a romantic escape and best weather. Theme-park rich Orlando in Florida was voted best for a family vacation while Las Vegas came in last in the category

Now here is the reality of that:

I don't know, nor can I confirm or deny the allogations for the citites other than Miami. What i can deny is this allogation that Miami has the most attractive people in it.

Miami has the most attractive GIRLS. Miami is like a giant candy store if you like GIRLS!

Anyone who lives there know that GUYS in Miami, ARE NOT hot at all. They are short, unappealing and above all Mama's boys.

Sure, on the surface they have manners and know how to shower a woman they want in affection, but anything beyond a good night out and a few get togethers here and there they are every girl's nightmare. Not only are they not interested in commitment (why would you when there are so many flavors of hot girl all around you) but they are also for the most part, not interested in compromising. Machismo is something nearly immpossible to overcome, espcially when your guy sees you as a possestion. I'm not even going to go into how most cuban men grow an exubarent amount of chest hair. Oh and, most of them kind of look like a new jersey guido with their spiked hair, sunglasses and collared shirts.

Also; seeing as most people in Miami are cuban, most of these guys are hardcore republicans. You know those groups on facebook like "100,000 strong against Hillary"?

Yeah, those are the kinds of groups Miami guys join.

They rarely ever seperate their opnions from those of their famlies and Cubans haven't supported democratic values since the Bay of Pigs or Pedro Pan.

So the next time you think of Miami as being this hot, fun, city. Remember that going there and being under 21 is like being a second class citizen, and that the guys see clubbing like a trip to 21 flavors. he'll never look as good as he does in club lighting. Don't fool yourself into thinking a single one of the would like to bring you home to mama.

The only girl she wants to see him with has a butt the size of jupiter and an accent that makes her say, "Papi, will you be my supermeng?"

But don't take my word for it, go visit.
Go looking for Mr. Right, or even try to find an appealing Mr. Right Now. Tell me how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you. Just wondering aren't you from Cuban ancestry? Your comments about cuban guys totally right, well just want to tell you that, gracias Jose Luis