Wednesday, September 10, 2008

birthday wishes, ugh I'm not a teenager anymore!

Staying positive is a difficult task. 
Its weird that I'm thinking about things like this recently. This is a time when I should be very happy and positive. My birthday is like 2 days away. I'm trying not to get too excited like I did last year because the last thing I want is to be disspointed again. 
Things I want for my birthday: 

a clean house
a clean room
a clean car
the internet set up in my house
a guy to flirt with me and make me feel pretty on my birthday
time to write an amazing script
art to hang in my room and living room
a party
a little piece of fufillment

1 comment:

carolinolicious said...

Happy birthday whit!

I can't get you any of those things...

But know that you have people all over that love you and wish you the best birthday ever!

Woooh!! Two decades!!