Thursday, October 30, 2008

# 60 from Learning to Love you More

Assignment #60

Write a press release about an everyday event.

Whitnae Peters, a self described artist film student drove four hours yesterday from Tallahassee to Orlando to see her cousin who is soon to move to Amsterdam. She did so after receiving information that the director of a film, which she is soon to become second assistant camera for, would cover for her. Allowing her to miss the production meeting, which will take place in approximately four hours. She is at this moment sitting in the lobby of an Orlando hotel waiting for Dan Peters, her cousin, to get back from a sales meeting.
Staring alone at the tacky hotel d├ęcor and prominent immigrant labor force she wonders whether Erin S (who’s last name is too complicated to spell) the director of the upcoming production will keep her promise. Ms. Peters has heard many things about Ms. S, which she has immediately always dismissed as gossip and general shit talking. MS. Peters is fond of Ms. S. However, at the moment she is finding it hard to dismiss her fear that she will be penalized for leaving town during her F3 crewing cycle. Ms. Peters hasn’t really been giving the best impression to the class above her in film school and is worried this short sabbatical will be seen negatively in the eyes of her teachers and peers.
However, the luxurious hotel mattress, the jovial companionship of her cousin and divine shower she took not 2 hours ago have made this trip worthwhile in Ms. Peters’ mind.

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