Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change we did...

Last night was amazing.
From now until the day we pass, we’ll always remember where you were when it happened. The day the torch was passed a new generation took the mantle and finally took hold of our responsibility to the people of the world. The day we finally realized our potential and become empowered by the opportunity of choice. In the days and years to come our will and our resolve will be tested, and for the first time in a long time it feels like we’ll finally exceed our expectations and our beginnings. A new chapter of origins. Barack Obama’s victory over the old republic will be one that will inspire and its one that inspires and renews my own dreams.
There are doubts in my mind about whether Obama will really fulfill the vision I have of my ideal America; his position on Israel, gun rights and his relations towards the middle east. But unlike other candidates in his position I really do feel like he will listen to the voices of his people. Above al however, I feel like he will adopt people not of his color into what he considers ‘his people’ a feat a fear which most still find difficult from all ends of race.
Change has finally arrived.

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