Friday, October 10, 2008

Going Coorperate; Getting Inked

It really bother me now when people get cooperate tattoos.

I went to this tattoo convention tonight here in Tally, and it struck me just how many people get business logos, coca cola cans, band logos and other such riff-raff inked on their skin. Its kind of sick in a perverse way when you think how these people are rejoicing over the fact that a company has perminently embeded itself on their skin. How can a tattoo be personal or mean anything when all your doing is paying to become a walking advetisement?

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carolinolicious said...

Uck. It scares me. This just shows the capitalism of modern america.

Instead of proudly baring their coat of arms or family crest, these people represent themselves with... coca cola.

Don't let your lemur look too much like Mickey Mouse, please.