Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Tribute to my Mama

My Mom is the warmest woman you'll ever meet. She's hilarious in this silly ridiculous kind of way but at the same time she'd not the type you mess around with. It's like no mater how hard you try you can never make a fool out of her. Before your mind can ever grasp the concept of trying to trick her in believing your mal-intentions her hand swiftly catches you mid prank. It's like she already knew what you were about to do before you did. About the only thing thats worse than being caught by her is being filed down to a small and humble piles of silt by her sharp tongue.

The thing about my mother is that she is not a fire sign, despite the severity of my memories of childhood punishment I never thought of her as any sort of conflagration. No, from day one my mother instilled in me the lessons of water. My mother had a rhythm to the way she did things, smooth, seamless and as if this was just one of the thousandth times she'd done said activity. Its how she learned to do things as well. Upon learning a new cooking technique, she was methodical studious and humble towards the tastes of the unknown. As if by showing it revernce it would honor us with a better taste than it would to an impous cook. Whenever my mother gave me advice for an issue I had she would always say, "be the water, just go with the direction of the flow and no one can touch you."

It's the best advice anyone has ever given me to date.

As the earth signed daughter of a water signed mother (and both dragons at that), we had alot of fight over. My mom has this thing about feeling that she was in control of everything around her. This is because not only is she water but she's a water and a metal sign. A stern, watchful and manipulative taskmaster that demands everything of me that she demands of herself (alot).
But you know what I love her for it. Seeing the impending sloth in those around me has really helped me see who is and who is not worth my time and emotion.

She's my favorite person in the world to sit and have a glass of wine with.

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