Thursday, December 11, 2008


I had a dream that my entire family and I went to the keys. I didn’t remember driving home from Tallahassee, which I thought was weird. Natasha was there too, which really made me believe that this dream was real because I really am taking her home with me tomorrow. There was a Hispanic monk guy there; we were all sitting in a backyard on the grass with wet sand in the middle of us. The monk guy had dug a hole in the middle of it and was raking the edges like a Zen garden. One of my family members went it, meditated and went out. He then asked for the next person, which ended up being me. He made me sit in the hole, in front of my entire family. He put his hand on my forehead and started to chant. He might have done Reki on me but I don’t specifically remember any being preformed. Anyway, through whenever he did to me, he forced me to meditate, but to meditate with my eyes open and with me being able to speak while I did this. It was kind of like being high on codine but with the kind of giggly warmth that pot gives you. My brother climbed into the hole with me at some point. The monk guy did the same to him. The monk guy asked him what he was feeling and what he was seeing. My brother said something about lights and stars. I think the meditation was supposed to take you to your happy place. When the monk asked me what I was seeing I told him that it was in a warm, dark place, like the womb but with markings on the walls (primitive circle patterns and designs.) My family thought it was strange that my happy place was a dark cave. They thought I was morbid and lay by nature. While I was being meditated, I remember feeling the best I’ve felt in a very long time. I woke up feeling very refreshed and in a very good mood.

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