Friday, January 30, 2009

Chain, chain chain!

The Rules: Create a post about yourself with 17 random thoughts, facts, goals, interesting things about yourself . See if anyone picks it up.

1. Loyalty is the hardest quailty to come by.
It seems like only a small percentage of the population even realize that interpersonal relationships, no matter what they may be, are gifts from God and should not be cast aside at the first sign of sacrifice.

2. You can never have enough sex in my book.

3. Philosophy sounds like gibberish to me most of the time.

4. The only food/drink I could never live without is juice.

5. I'm a sensory sort of person. I think the most expressive way to communicate is by touch, the least effective way being words.

6. I see the world in terms of what is and what isn't cool Production Design.

7. Prolonged isolation makes the mentally healthy people insane. I know this is true because I periodically take week long breaks from other people to have 'me' time. By the end of these periods I always need a social fresher course before I hit up large groups of people.

8. Every time I think about my mom throwing out artwork from my house that opened my imagination as a child, I want to get it tattooed to keep it close to me.

9. My favorite time to be awake and outside is from 4 am to 9 am, it follows my favorite time to be asleep; 9 am to 5 pm.

10. Ideally I would like to spend some time in Japan, but I would never want to go and live there without someone I know to keep me company.

11. Without cuddling and spooning, I wouldn't want to live anymore.

12. I'm getting over my hate of texting, but I still think its pretty impersonal. Then again, I haven't been able to keep a phone for more than few months since I graduated from High School.

13. It doesn't matter to me if I don't become a famous filmmaker. As long as the projects I make reflect myself as an artist (and I can live comfortably), none of that superficial bullshit matters to me.

14. I wish people would be more vocal about how much they love each other. It peeves me that people don't think about what they take for granted.

15. I have never been afriad to commit, the fear part usually kicks in for me mid way once I realize I might fail after I already have committed. But I'd rather live like this than to be the sort who never even tries.

16. My biggest fear is not being able to keep my loved ones close to me, or losing their mutual love for me.

17. In the end, I became a family gal after all.