Wednesday, February 11, 2009

bffs? kkk and akc... yeah, that's what PETA thinks.

Try not to wet your seats with this one folks....

Never before had I had really strong opinions about anything PETA has ever promoted. But god damn it, this is fucking hilarious.

According to PETA, the AKC is apparently trying to create a master race of dogs. Logically, this is the goal of keeping doggie bloodlines pure. I mean why else would they keep trying to create competition for shelter dogs?

Here they are in PETA's latest leaflet shaking hands with the KKK, securing their planes to breed the master dogs for the master race. Lol, only mutts are the liberal's best friend now.

To read more visit this url:

The poodles are being bred to befriend the racist. You know the world's gone to shit when the sheepdogs are growing out their fur to hide their swatstika tattoos.

God, I love PETA.

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Anonymous said...

LMFAO!! Are these people serious??!! Goodness, every time they do something stupid like this everyone looks at me like I'm the devil because I'm a vegetarian. PETA is slowly ruining my social life!